Pricing for Picosure Laser


Dr. Johanna Youner, PicoSure Laser Specialist will remove your tattoo faster.
The PicoSure Laser will remove your tattoo two to three times faster than any other laser in the world.

Pricing is 200 per square inch.


Fees are approximate and a consultation is needed for more accurate pricing.

The many factors involving your skin type, ink color, amount of ink, age of tattoo, and placement of tattoo on the body all contribute to your personal removal experience. The average removal treatment number is 6 to 15 treatments per tattoo. The number of treatments needed varies due to the personal factors of your specific tattoo, health and skin.  Our price includes anesthesia, two or more passes of the PicoSure laser, and the use of an additional laser to remove certain colors.

Pricing is approximate to $200 per square inch per visit.

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