PICOSURE BODY LASERPicosure Skin Revitalization Before and After (2)


 Park Avenue Laser Treatment has one of the few PICOSURE FOCUS FOR LASER FACIAL REJUVENATION in New York City. Dr. Youner uses the WORLD’S MOST ADVANCED AND POWERFUL PicoSure Focus laser technology to reverse the signs of aging skin, repair stretch marks, decrease brown spotsand refine, regenerate and resurface your skin. PicoSecond FOCUS laser delivers lightening fast yet safe laser technology. FOUR sessions will optimally smooth fine and deep lines, encourage new collagen and remove brown spots. Results are seen in one session. Problem areas around upper lips and eyes are easily handled by our PicoSure FOCUS laser.

Our PicoSure FOCUS Protocol is  four treatments one month apart. You will notice any age spots decreasing, fine lines decreasing,  skin refined, tighter, younger and rejuvenated.

Pricing for FOCUS laser treatments starts at 750 per treatment. Packages of four are available at a discount.


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